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Curriculum Continuity in Mathematics between Primary and Secondary School

Project team included: Keith Jones, Justin Coad

The aim of this project was to analyse, in both guidance and practice, the curriculum continuity in the teaching and learning of selected aspects of mathematics across the transfer of pupils from feeder primary schools to a secondary schools.

Within this aim, there were the goals to:

The project was part-supported by a DfES research scholarship.

The project had to be terminated before full completion. Reports were submitted to the DfES covering the parts of the project supported by the DfES research scholarship. One element of the project, a case study designed to compare the approaches used in the teaching and learning of mathematics in a secondary school and its feeder primaries indicated that similarities and differences in approaches may be driven by different external influences (see working paper below).


Coad, J. and Jones, K. (1999), Curriculum continuity in mathematics: a case study of the transition from primary to secondary school [University of Southampton Centre for Research in Mathematics Education Working Paper]. Southampton, UK: University of Southampton Centre for Research in Mathematics Education. 7pp.
Click here for full paper in pdf format.


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