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The University of Southampton has enjoyed a national and international reputation for research and development in mathematics education since the early 1960s. The Collaborative Group for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME) is based in the School of Education and is the focus for ongoing collaboration between the School of Education and the School of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, UK. Find out about us. Read reports on our recent work. For information on how to find us at the School of Education, please click here. For tributes to Brian Griffiths (1927-2008) and Bill Brookes (1924-2005), click here.
Faculty Members Active members of the group come from the School of Education and the School of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, UK. The director of the group is Keith Jones. Recently-appointed members include Lianghuo Fan and Eirini Geraniou.
  Research expertise Information on our expertise in mathematics education research.
Projects Research projects Details of our projects and related publications on research on teaching and learning mathematics.
Publication Recent publications Details of publications - available, wherever possible, as full text (mostly in pdf format).
Students" Research students Details of the research students who are (or recently have been) members of our research group.
Opportunites Research opportunities Information on research opportunities (PhD, post-doc) with members of our research group.
Courses Masters level courses Information on Masters level courses, including our MSc in Mathematics Education, offered by members of our research group.
SMP SMP The School Mathematics Project, a major developer of curriculum materials for school mathematics, began as a University of Southampton research project and continues to be based near the University.
BSRLM BSRLM geometry
working group
Details of the working group of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics
ERME Tools and Technologies in Mathematical Didactics Thematic Group of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
FMnetwork Further Mathematics Support Programme Details of the Further Mathematics Support Programme (south-east region), in part hosted by the University of Southampton
Brain bibliography Annotated bibliographies in mathematics education Annotated bibliographies of research in mathematics education. Topics include mathematics and the brain, language and mathematics. The bibliographies are under construction.
Seminars Seminars Details of seminars in mathematics education
more links Teacher networks Information on networks of mathematics teachers with which we work
Teacher's links Teacher's links Links to useful sites for mathematics teachers
Conferences Conferences Search the conference list, by date or by country
Links Mathematical Miscellany Links to interesting mathematics.
more links Mathematics Education Links Links to journals, mathematics education centres, etc
Software Mathematics Software Links to software resources.

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Research in Mathematics Education group
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The Collaborative Group for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME) is a founding stakeholder of the UK National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) NCETM
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